Alcanadre Singletracks

Technical facts
Distance: 16,3 km
Total elevation gain: 580 m
Estimated time: 3 - 4 h
PSingletrack percentage: 100 %
Starting points: Bara (track base), Matidero (variante)
Route type: Loop trail
Physical difficulty: Medium
Technical difficulty: High
Water sources: Bara, fuente entre Bibán y Bara
Recommended season: All year round.

Authentic enduro route in a privileged, solitary and spectacular natural enviroment.

Huge slickrocks with perfect grip, oak and pine forests, natural pools with turquoise water and uninhabited villages. This track brings together all the best an enduro routehas to offer: 22,5 km of non-stop singletracks, demanding but feasible climbs, enjoyable descents, tight turns, rocky steps and walled paths in an impassable terrain of adventure, where it’s better not to take big risks. The route can be started from Bara if you come from Huesca and Sabiñánigo or from Matidero if you come from Boltaña.

To sum up, this incredible itinerary is a singletrack festival in the wildest and most unkown territory of Guara.

VARIANT: If heading from Alastrué straight to Bibán you'll skip the tough Matidero loop, resulting a shorter and easier route but also a more enjoyable one.

Casa Lanau

C/ La Iglesia N 1 Latorrecilla (Huesca)974 502 308
650 965 896
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Casa El Condor

C/ Mayor 2 Paúles de Sarsa (Huesca)974 343 095
618 828 587
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  • Bara and its Romanesque church.
  • Uninhabited villages: Miz, Alastrué, Matidero, Bibán.
  • Alcanadre river and pools.
  • Pine and oak forests.
  • Very tough route although the distance and elevation gain seem to be small.
  • In summer there are no water sources in the route, so is advisable to bring a lot of water with you
  • Most of the route has no phone net and is almost inaccessible in case of accident or fatigue. Please be careful and estimate more than enough time to do the route.
  • It’s essential to be in good shape and to have good riding skills in singletracks and rocky terrain to finish the route.


  • GPS tracking route.
  • There are some signs in the main crosses that could help navigation but not all the villages are well marked.
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