Belsué Rocks Pools

Technical facts
Distance: 30, 1 km
Total elevation gain: 760 m
Estimated time: 4 h
PSingletrack percentage: 48 %
Starting points: Mesón Nuevo (track), chopera de Belsué.
Route type: Loop trail
Physical difficulty: High
Technical difficulty: High
Water sources: Río Flumen, Belsué.
Recommended season: Spring, Summer, Autum.

The natural surroundings of Belsué hide ravines full of turquoise water pools frequented by bathers in summer.

This enduro route visits some of these ravines in a track with high percentage of excellent singletracks. But to get there first we need to climb up to Monrepós pass and to the top of Sierra de Belarra from Mesón Nuevo. Near Pardina Usieto the singletrack party begins: first a terrific descent by leafy forests, then by open terrains with some river wading and finally the superb Belsué dam path. Once reached Belsué village there’s something left: to climb up to Mesón Nuevo by a tough singletrack which can be avoided by taking the paved road.

PLEASE NOTE: to cross Manzanera tunnel a torch or flashlight is needed.

  • Panoramic views of the Pyrenees and Sierra de Guara.
  • Flumen river pools (perfect spot for a summer bath).
  • Usieto and Ascaso old farms.
  • Uninhabited village: Santa María de Belsué.
  • Belsué dam trail.
  • Belsué and its Romanesque church.
  • It’s essential to bring a flashlight to cross Manzanera tunnel. If the group doesn’t have an artificial light it’s advisable to follow the route “Monrepós Xtrem” from Mesón Nuevo to Monrepós.
  • There are some shallow river wadings between Pardina Usieto and Santa María de Belsué that can be upsetting in rainy days.
  • The high percentage of singletracks makes the route tougher than expected.
  • It’s essential to carry enough water as there are no fountains in the track, only a small spring by the river bridge before Santa María de Belsué.


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