Biello Sobrarbe

Technical facts
Distance: 163,2 km
Total elevation gain: 2580 m
Estimated time: 7 - 9 h
PSingletrack percentage: 0 %
Starting points: Barbastro, Aínsa, Boltaña, Paúles de Sarsa
Route type: Loop trail
Physical difficulty: Very high
Technical difficulty: Medium
Water sources: Barbastro, Salinas de Hoz, Naval, Abizanda, Arcusa, Guaso, Aínsa, Boltaña, Pueyo de Morcat, Paúles de Sarsa, Almazorre, Bárcabo, Colungo, Pozán de Vero
Recommended season: Spring, Summer, Autum.

This comprehensive road bike itinerary is made up of two excellent loops that can be covered separately, setting off from Barbastro or Aínsa / Boltaña. Each loop is one of the classic circular routes of the area: the one from Barbastro to Abizanda and Bárcabo has 105 km in length and 1600 m of vertical gain, while the loop from Aínsa to Las Bellostas and Arcusa has only 59 km in length but 990 m of vertical gain. Both together result in a very demanding route if done in just one day due to its high accumulated height difference, only achievable for cyclists in good shape. If the tour is divided in two stages it becomes an atractive and pleasant mid-mountain route with great landscapes and a rugged profile where the mountain passes of El Pino, Arcusa, Serrablo and San Caprasio stand out.

Albergue Las Almunias

Calle Baja, s/n Las Almunias de Rodellar (Huesca)974318602
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Cia Guías de Bierge

A1230- Carretera de Bierge - Alberuela, Km 0,3 Bierge (Huesca)609 412 522
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  • Barbastro
  • Salinas de Hoz
  • Naval
  • Pino Pass.
  • Abizanda
  • Olsón Cathedral.
  • Arcusa
  • Guaso
  • Aínsa
  • Boltaña
  • Serrablo Pass.
  • Pueyo de Morcat
  • Almazorre
  • Vero view point.
  • Gargantas ravine.
  • Colungo
  • Vero river.

The main road A-132 from Abizanda to Lamata has intense traffic and steep slopes, please be careful there.

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