Loreto Natural Trail

Technical facts
Distance: 15,9 km
Total elevation gain: 40 m
Estimated time: 1 h 30 min
PSingletrack percentage: 5 %
Starting points: Instalaciones deportivas San Jorge. Huesca.
Route type: Loop trail
Physical difficulty: Low
Technical difficulty: Low
Water sources: Huesca, Alerre, Huerrios, Santuario de Loreto.
Recommended season: Autum, Winter, Spring

Loreto Nature Trail departs from Huesca and goes through some of the most interesting places of its surroundings. It’s suitable for everyone, especially for families, cause its trails are mostly flat and with hardly any traffic.

The route begins following 4 km of the former railway Huesca-Canfranc (locally known as Canfranero), now recovered as a pedestrian walkway. A first loop leads from an old train station to Alerre, where one can refill water in its spring. Surrounded by almond trees and fields the track heads to Huerrios and later by a paved road to Loreto Sanctuary, where according to the tradition grew up Saint Lawrence, Huesca’s patron. A second loop takes to Loreto Pond, a lovely wetland plenty of aquatic birds, and finally the route comes back to Huesca by good roads.

Posada Abadía de Sietamo

C/ Alta, 10. Sietamo (Huesca)974 260 805
626 033 466
+ info
  • Canfranero’s old railway.
  • Alerre and Huerrios.
  • Our Mother of Loreto chapel.
  • Loreto lake.
  • Monument to Santa Paciencia
  • The route has a main loop and two perfectly marked branches. No dangers in the way.


  • Route well posted as Camino Natural de Loreto y el Canfranero.
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