Circular de las ermitas

Technical facts
Distance: 59,7 km km
Total elevation gain: + 665 m
Estimated time: 3 h
PSingletrack percentage: 0 %
Starting points: Panzano
Route type: Loop trail
Physical difficulty: Medium
Technical difficulty: Medium
Water sources: Panzano, Aguas, Labata, Sieso de Huesca, Casbas de Huesca, Junzano, Angüés, Bespén, Blecua, Torres de Montes, Liesa, Ibieca

This tour will let you discover the foothills of Sierra de Guara as well as the eastern part of Hoya de Huesca by traffic-less local roads in a landscape of almond and olive trees.
Leaving from Panzano the route ascends to Aguas and takes A-1228 road descending towards Labata and Casbas de Huesca, whose monastery is possible to visit —check opening hours—. Then, passing by Junzano it continues to Angües where it is necessary to cross N-240 and A22 roads heading towards Bespén. Approximately
after 30 km we will take a detour to the right that will take us to Blecua, from where we will take A-1222 road in gradual ascent towards Torres de Montes and Liesa, always having fantastic views of Sierra de Guara. Here begins a demanding ascent along HU-V-3311 leading to Ibieca and Aguas, from where we will continue along the
same initial road to Panzano.

Camping Cañones de Guara y Formiga

Ctra A-1227 km 22 Panzano (Huesca)974 343 035
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