Belsué Dolmen

Technical facts
Distance: 26,5 km
Total elevation gain: 935 m
Estimated time: 3 - 4 h
PSingletrack percentage: 54 %
Starting points: Parking Salto Roldán (Sabayés).
Route type: Loop trail
Physical difficulty: High
Technical difficulty: High
Water sources: Santa Eulalia de la Peña.
Recommended season: All year round.

The Flumen river valley between Belsué and Salto Roldán has amazing trails hidden in a fantastic landscape: reddish rock needles, limestone rock cliffs, panoramic views and, of course, the prehistoric jewel called Belsué Dolmen.

Short after leaving Salto Roldán’s parking, the singletrack sequence begins. The first one is excellent and passes by the Belsué Dolmen with some ups and downs, having its end below the Cienfuens cliffs. After passing by Belsué dam, there is a second trail which ascends softly until it joins the dirt road that climbs up to Cienfuens pass. There is still another climb by a tough gravel road in worse shape before reaching Pico del Águila’s southern col. The end of the party cannot get better than this: an awesome singletrack descent to Santa Eulalia de la Peña and the Salto Roldán.

Camping Cañones de Guara y Formiga

Ctra A-1227 km 22 Panzano (Huesca)974 343 035
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Casa Olibán

Placeta Alta nº2 Arbaniés (Huesca)974 262 343
66 9733 008
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Posada Abadía de Sietamo

C/ Alta, 10. Sietamo (Huesca)974 260 805
626 033 466
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  • Salto de Roldán.
  • Belsué Dolmen .
  • Cienfuens Cliffs.
  • Cienfuens and Belsué dams.
  • Águila Peak.
  • Santa  Eulalia de la Peña.
  • There are some short tunnels between Belsué and Cienfuens dams. It’s advisable to bring a flashlight just in case.
  • Maximum care must be taken in the descent from Collado Piacuto to Santa  Eulalia de la Peña due to the loose rocks.


  • GPS tracking route.
  • There are green signposts of the Natural Park between Salto Roldán and Belsué dam.
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