Guara 5 Stars

Technical facts
Distance: 31,4 km
Total elevation gain: 890 m
Estimated time: 5 h
PSingletrack percentage: 64 %
Starting points: Nocito (track), Bara.
Route type: Loop trail
Physical difficulty: High
Technical difficulty: High
Water sources: Nocito, Bentué de Nocito, Used, Bara, carretera Bara-Used.
Recommended season: All year round.

Everything in this route is top-quality: landscapes, trails, villages, forests… The best of Guara’s northern mountainside is summed up in this varied and comprehensive itinerary.

After a short road climb up to San Úrbez Sanctuary we must take the GR1 heading to Bentué and Used, an excellent enduro trail. From Used to Azpe another good singletrack climbs up with short sections of pushing the bike. There’s still another steep slope to the panoramic Coronazo pass, where an incredible 6 km descent by the forest begins. You’ll wish it would never end! From the lovely Bara village a narrow road climbs up steadily to Used and there another dirt road takes to an old building. That’s the beginning of the last rocky singletrack heading to Nocito, where you’ll surely arrive grinning broadly.

GR1 VARIANT: A variant of the main route descends directly from Used to Bara by the GR1, avoiding the bulk of the singletrack climb and passing by the wonderful Cardito pool.

  • Nocito.
  • San Úrbez Sanctuary.
  • Bentué de Nocito.
  • Used.
  • Used river and pools.
  • Azpe.
  • Bara.
  • Can de Used
  • Among Bentué, Used and Azpe the route wades some small rivers. In case of heavy rains it may be complicated.
  • The itinerary has many kilometres of climbing by rocky singletracks, most of them feasible but hard and there are also some short walking sections.
  • The start of the final singletrack heading to Nocito is not clear when ascending from Used. When arriving to a building by the dirt road, you must leave it, head west and cross the meadows till the end. The entrance to the singletrack is at the right side, in the upper field, and it’s not well marked. If you have enough time and strenght is good to follow the variant track that climbs higher and has a longest descent.


  • GPS tracking route.
  • There are green signposts of the Natural Park in the main crosses.
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