Paradise Lost

Technical facts
Distance: 30 km
Total elevation gain: 950 m
Estimated time: 5 - 6 h
PSingletrack percentage: 66 %
Starting points: Las Bellostas (track), Pueyo de Morcat.
Route type: Loop trail
Physical difficulty: High
Technical difficulty: High
Water sources: Las Bellostas, Pueyo de Morcat.
Recommended season: All year round.

This is an enduro version of Uninhabited Villages route, with a similar layout but with more singletracks.

And as always happens here… they’re not easy trails! It begins warming up by asphalt towards Pueyo de Morcat from where a fantastic singletrack goes down to Casas de Montalbán. There, another path starts to climb softly to Torruéllola de la Plana (visit recommended) but short before the village it turns south towards Alastrué, first by a path and later by a dirt road. After visiting this beautiful uninhabited village we’ll join the trail heading to the Aire col among oak trees and slick rocks. The subsequent singletrack descent to Otín is wild and harsh. From Letosa another excellent trail climbs up to Bagüeste and then descends to Balced river. Pure enduro in the wildest mountain environment.

Camping Lecina

Carretera de Lecina Lecina (Huesca)974 318 386
689 488 240
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Casa Lanau

C/ La Iglesia N 1 Latorrecilla (Huesca)974 502 308
650 965 896
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Casa El Condor

C/ Mayor 2 Paúles de Sarsa (Huesca)974 343 095
618 828 587
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  • Las Bellostas.
  • Balced river and its pools.
  • Uninhabited villages: Torruéllola de la Plana, Alastrué, Otín, Letosa, Bagüeste.
  • Collada del Aire.
  • Pine and oak forests.
  • Raisén Canyon.
  • Bagüeste church.
  • In summer there are no water sources in the route, so is advisable to bring a lot of water with you
  • Most of the route has no phone net and is almost inaccessible in case of accident or fatigue. Please be careful and estimate more than enough time to do the route.
  • It’s essential to be in good shape and to have good riding skills in singletracks and rocky terrain to finish the route.


  • GPS tracking route.
  • There are some signs in the main crosses that could help navigation but not all the villages are well marked.
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