Peña Aman

Technical facts
Distance: 25,4 km
Total elevation gain: 900 m
Estimated time: 4 h
PSingletrack percentage: 34 %
Starting points: San Julián de Banzo (track), Apiés.
Route type: Loop trail
Physical difficulty: High
Technical difficulty: High
Water sources: San Julián de Banzo, Apiés, Santa Eulalia de la Peña.
Recommended season: All year round.

Impressive route in the Salto de Roldán surroundings combining enduro and cycle-mountaineering with two outstanding descents: from Peña San Miguel to Flumen river and from Peña Amán to San Julián de Banzo.

But this enjoyment has a toll in the shape of a long hike-a-bike to reach Peña Amán. From San Julián de Banzo a good gravel road goes down to the Flumen river and then goes up to Lienas (uninhabited village) and Apiés. There begins the climb to Santa Eulalia de la Peña mixing paved and unpaved roads. From the village a beautiful singletrack leads to Salto de Roldán, starting point of the descent to Palomeras canyon. After the climb and hike-a-bike to the incredible Peña Amán you’ll find the reward: a long and awesome downhill section by rocky terrain until San Julián de Banzo’s parking lot.

Casa Olibán

Placeta Alta nº2 Arbaniés (Huesca)974 262 343
66 9733 008
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Posada Abadía de Sietamo

C/ Alta, 10. Sietamo (Huesca)974 260 805
626 033 466
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  • Flumen River
  • Uninhabited villages: Sagarillo and Lienas.
  • Apiés Romanesque church.
  • Santa Eulalia de la Peña.
  • Salto de Roldán.
  • Palomeras del Flumen gorge.
  • Peña Amán.
  • Crossing Palomeras del Flumen ravine in seasons of heavy rains can be dangerous, the strength of the water may drag a person into the deep canyon.
  • The climb to Peña Amán has some hike-a-bike sections (30 min altogether) and the pedalling sections are quite tough as well.
  • Going down from Peña Amán to San Julián de Banzo there’s a rocky and very tricky section marked with yellow dots. Don’t hesitate to pass it walking if you’re not sure of your skills.


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