Rock Cathedrals

Technical facts
Distance: 25,9 km
Total elevation gain: 1000 m
Estimated time: 5 - 6 h
PSingletrack percentage: 96 %
Starting points: Rodellar (track), Bara.
Route type: Loop trail
Physical difficulty: High
Technical difficulty: High
Water sources: Rodellar, Bara, Surgencia de Mascún.
Recommended season: Autum, Winter, Spring

Impressive enduro route with almost 100% of singletracks that will allow you to cycle over the incredible Mascún canyon.

The track departs from Rodellar, descends to the Mascún riverbed and then goes up the Andrebot ravine with about 30 minutes of hike-a-bike. After that it takes a gravel road to Losa Mora dolmen and later a singletrack which climbs up to Nasarre and descends to the lovely village of Bara, by the Alcanadre river. From Bara more nice singletracks continue climbing to the uninhabited Miz and the Aire col, where another long trail must be taken heading to Otín and later climbing to a hill overlooking the Mascún canyon. These amazing panoramic views will escort us in the rocky downhill trail till the riverbed, from where there’s only a short climb left to Rodellar.

Albergue Las Almunias

Calle Baja, s/n Las Almunias de Rodellar (Huesca)974318602
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Cia Guías de Bierge

A1230- Carretera de Bierge - Alberuela, Km 0,3 Bierge (Huesca)609 412 522
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Camping El Puente

Carretera BIERGE, S/N Rodellar (Huesca)974 318 312
626 841 753
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Aparta-Hotel Valle de Rodellar

Carretera Bierge S/N Rodellar (Huesca)974 318 637
625 593 675
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Hotel Casa Tejedor

C/ Alta, s/n Las Almunias de Rodellar (Huesca) 9743186886
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  • Rodellar and Bara villages.
  • Mascún Canyon.
  • Losa Mora Dolmen.
  • Alcanadre River.
  • Abandoned villages: Nasarre, Miz & Otín
  • Milenary oaks in Otín
  • La Costera de Otín.
  • 30 min of hike-a-bike are needed from Mascún river to the top of Andrebot ravine.
  • There are few water sources in the route, so is advisable to bring lots of water with you.
  • The track between Miz and Otín is not always clear, please pay extra attention to the GPS device there.
  • Most of the route has no phone net and is almost inaccessible in case of accident or fatigue. Please be careful!


  • GPS tracking route.
  • There are some signs in the main crosses that could help navigation but not all the villages are well marked.
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