Vero’s Great Tour

Technical facts
Distance: 44,9 km
Total elevation gain: 1460 m
Estimated time: 5 - 6 h
PSingletrack percentage: 42 %
Starting points: Lecina (track), Alquézar, Santa María de la Nuez.
Route type: Loop trail
Physical difficulty: Very high
Technical difficulty: High
Water sources: Alquézar, Santa María de la Nuez, Betorz, fuente Laspuña, Lecina
Recommended season: Autum, Winter, Spring

The eastern Guara great challenge has spectacular panoramic views of Vero and Balced canyons and the whole Pyrenees. It’s a demanding enduro route that can be started from Lecina or Alquézar.

From Lecina it goes down to the Vero river and continues with a first hike-a-bike heading up to the amazing Vero view point. After a paved road section, the track links to a rocky singletrack descending to Lumos gorge and Villacantal bridge. Then another tough 30 minutes of hike-a-bike will take us near Alquézar. After crossing the village, a long dirt road climbs up to Mesón de Sevil, then leads to Tozal del Asba and before reaching the summit it descends by a narrow path to Santa María de la Nuez. The route finishes with one of the best singletracks of Guara, heading to Betorz and Lecina by gorgeous walled paths.

Hotel Villa de Alquézar

C/ Pedro Arnal Cavero, 1 Alquézar (Huesca)974 318 416
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Bodega Pirineos

Ctra Barbastro-Naval km 3.5 Barbastro (Huesca)974 311 289 | 974 312 273
676 951 677
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Camping Río Vero

Ctra. Puente de Colungo s/n. Alquézar (Huesca)974 318 350
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Albergue Escuela de Alquézar

C/ San Gregorio, 24 Alquézar (Huesca)974 318 966
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Camping Lecina

Carretera de Lecina Lecina (Huesca)974 318 386
689 488 240
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Casa El Condor

C/ Mayor 2 Paúles de Sarsa (Huesca)974 343 095
618 828 587
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Avda San Hipolito s/n Alquezar (Huesca)974 318 354
635 501 073
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Restaurante Casa Pardina

C/ Medio, s/n Alquezar (Huesca)974 318 425
660 399 472
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Hotel Santa María de Alquézar

Paseo San Hipólito s/n Alquézar (Huesca)974 318 436
606 070 214
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Apartamentos Las Abuelas de Sevil

C/ Cruz del Hospital s/n Adahuesca (Huesca) 974 318 328
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  • Medieval villages: Alquézar, Betorz, Lecina.
  • Sevil’s Inn and Sierra.
  • Santa María de la Nuez church.
  • Betorz’ fountain-sink and Laspuña fountain.
  • Vero’s view point.
  • Lumos ravine.
  • Villacantal bridge and Vero canyon.
  • There are two hike-a-bike sections that toughen the route considerably. First one from Vero river near Lecina to Vero’s view point (15 min) and second from Villacantal bridge to Alquézar (30 min).
  • Find out the canyons water level before starting the route, they can be dangerous to cross in rainy season.
  • In rainy season we can find some water at Lumos ravine before Villacantal bridge.


  • GPS tracking route.
  • Between Santa María de la Nuez and Lecina the track is shared with Zona Zero’s marked route16 “Dolmen de las Balanzas” in opposite direction.
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