Virgen de Arraro

Technical facts
Distance: 22,5 km km
Total elevation gain: 900 m m
Estimated time: 3-4 h
PSingletrack percentage: 43% %
Starting points: Panzano
Route type: Loop trail
Physical difficulty: High
Technical difficulty: High
Water sources: Panzano, Santa Cilia (variante)

MTB Enduro tour with GPS tracking. It is located on the beautiful southern foothills of Sierra de Guara and the surroundings of Formiga river canyon. This is a short but demanding tour due to its big amount of singletracks, rocky terrain and steep sections. It is recommended to do this tour in the winter season. Due to its southern orientation it gets quite hot in summer. From the highest point it is also recommended to make a fi ve-minute detour to visit the remains of Virgen de Arraro hermitage. The tour can be extended adding an interesting section leading to Santa Cilia de Panzano. It includes several kilometers of singletracks and avoids the descent by road to Formiga river canyon
starting at the large crop fi eld that we’ll fi nd halfway in the last descent.

Cia Guías de Bierge

A1230- Carretera de Bierge - Alberuela, Km 0,3 Bierge (Huesca)609 412 522
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Camping Cañones de Guara y Formiga

Ctra A-1227 km 22 Panzano (Huesca)974 343 035
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Casa Olibán

Placeta Alta nº2 Arbaniés (Huesca)974 262 343
66 9733 008
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Posada Abadía de Sietamo

C/ Alta, 10. Sietamo (Huesca)974 260 805
626 033 466
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Luis Espada 3 Ayerbe (Huesca)650704079
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C/ Oriente, 2 Bierge (Huesca)974 318 107
646 533 038
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C/Las afueras, 20 Bierge (Huesca)646314395
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Calle la Cruz, 0 Bierge (Huesca)974318373
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C/ Alfono II de Aragón, 20 Huesca (Huesca)626864004
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Remains of Virgen de Arraro hermitage, cave las Polvorosas, cave os cambrons, naturalist museum

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