Mallos’ Kingdom Tour

Technical facts
Distance: 109,1 km
Total elevation gain: 1325 m
Estimated time: 4 - 5 h
PSingletrack percentage: 0 %
Starting points: Huesca (track), Arguis.
Route type: Loop trail
Physical difficulty: Medium
Technical difficulty: Medium
Water sources: Huesca, Chimillas, Bolea, Loarre, Ayerbe, Murillo de Gállego, La Peña Estación, Rasal, Arguis, Nueno.
Recommended season: All year round.

Pleasant cyclo sportive route that enables visitors to travel by low traffic roads through Loarre Sierra foothills, Gállego river canyon and the hidden Garona river valley. The itinerary can be combined with Guara Tour to result in an amazing Gran Fondo route, better done in 2 days (282 km & 4200 m of height gradient). The route departs from Huesca by A-132 and near Chimillas it takes a narrow local road that goes through the mountain foothills passing by Bolea and Loarre medieval villages. In Ayerbe it takes up the main road again and climbs up through the amazing Gállego valley and under the awesome cliffs called “mallos”. Just after crossing La Peña dam we must turn right to follow the quiet road to Rasal and Arguis. The descent from Arguis is easier by the national road N-330, with one tunnel and a short highway section till Nueno’s exit. The return to Huesca follows a good service road.

Posada Abadía de Sietamo

C/ Alta, 10. Sietamo (Huesca)974 260 805
626 033 466
+ info
  • Bolea.
  • Loarre.
  • Ayerbe.
  • Murillo de Gállego.
  • Gállego river.
  • Mallos de Riglos.
  • Peña Rueba.
  • La Peña lake.
  • Garona valley.
  • Arguis lake.
  • It’s compulsory to bring lights and reflective vest at the tunnel between Arguis and Nueno.
  • The descent from Arguis to Nueno is usually done by the highway N-330 because the old road pavement is in very bad shape, although it’s open for the traffic (first bridge to the right after the dam).
  • Take care at the exit of the highway in Nueno cause is very steep and may be a bit dirty.
  • Other places with pavement in not-so-good shape are Bolea and Ayerbe villages and the road between La Peña dam and the village of La Peña.


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